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You can measure experience based on years, industries served, diversity of applications and, probably, a few other ways. However you choose to do it, we are confident you will find we have a proven base of experience and are up to the task for your business.


Since 1971, we’ve been providing fleet services and logistics designed to reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and to build the vehicle needed for your business. Our model allows us to continuously evolve to meet the needs of the distribution market’s growing complexity.


The common component across all industries is that delivery of a product or service must be efficient and cost-effective throughout the supply chain right up to the final destination. Our 45 years of experience have allowed us the opportunity to support these objectives across established markets, emerging markets and niche markets.


Diverse is the word to describe our experience in supply chain applications. And that’s because every application has unique characteristics and unique requirements.  Our diverse range of services up and down the supply chain combined with our coverage of multiple distribution models has allowed us to serve many applications.